Drew Pritchard’s First wife Rebecca Pritchard Illness, Age, Wikipedia Biography.

Drew Pritchard is a 51-year old Antique collector turned television personality. He is mainly responsible for launching the Salvage Hunters Franchise. This is a Tv show that has been on the air for the past decade now. Our focus today is a woman by the name of Rebecca Pritchard.

Rebecca is famous in her own right, mainly after joining her husband’s reality tv show. She is fondly remembered for being the first wife of Drew Pritchard.

The following paragraphs contain everything you need to learn about Rebecca Pritchard’s age and Wikipedia biography.

Who is Rebecca Pritchard?

Rebecca Pritchard is a British Restoration and valuation expert. One of the primary jobs she does is to appraise items that have been retrieved from junkyards and determine their value. Besides this, Rebecca also doubles up as a property owner and developer in the United Kingdom.

She even acquired a lash property around Wales, a hotspot for multiple travel enthusiasts. Rewind the clock for 20 years, and Rebecca worked in the Fashion Industry.

She mainly dealt with matters relating to wholesale retail. Additionally, she frequently collaborated with companies based in London and Hong Kong.

Drew Pritchard first wife Rebecca Pritchard
British Restoration, valuation expert and Drew Pritchard first wife, Rebecca Pritchard

Rebecca first experimented with television back in 2011. She’d appeared in the first season of Salvage Hunters in an episode called ‘Europe’s Largest Salvage Yard.’

She’d work on 15 more episodes before calling it quits five years later. The last time fans saw her on-screen was during the tenth episode of the show’s 8th season.

Age and D.O.B, Measurements

Rebecca Pritchard was born on the 19th of February 1958. It not only makes her British national but also 63-years old currently.

Additionally, RebeccaD.O.B.DOB also makes her an Aquarius. Suffice it to say, Drew Pritchard’s first wife is a tall woman. She stands at an above-average height of 5 ft 8 inches.

Another key physical trait is her long flowing blonde hair, which is quite distinguishing when she’s on camera.

Rebecca Pritchard Illness.

After Rebecca took a step away from the limelight, several reports surfaced regarding her health. Most sources claimed that she was unwell, with some going as far as to claim that Rebecca had even lost weight.

However, no substantiated reports back up any of these claims. To our knowledge, Rebecca Pritchard is alive, well, and healthy.

While she looks slighter thinner in some of her most recent pictures, this can be attributed to old age.

Rebecca Pritchard Net Worth

Rebecca’s primary source of income is derived from her work in both real estate and restoration. She and her husband are the co-owners of an antique store that has grown quite lucrative over the years.

Other than that, Drew Pritchard’s first wife also made a decent sum of money on television. As one of the co-hosts on a show sponsored by Quest Tv, she took home an impressive sum of money.

Lest we forget, Rebecca also received a divorce settlement back in 2017. It meant that she was entitled to part of Drew Pritchard’s $8 million estates.

Moreover, she will also profit from the sale of their $1 million houses. As of 2022, Rebecca Pritchard’s net worth is $2.5 million.

Her relationship with Drew Pritchard.

Rebecca and Drew started dating during the former’s time in the Fashion Industry. As the two developed a deeper relationship, Rebecca uncovered a love for antique collections and restoration.

Details around their courtship and subsequent marriage were hard to come by as the two-valued their privacy.

Salvage Hunters star, Drew Pritchard with his first wife
Salvage Hunters star Drew Pritchard with Rebecca Jane Pritchard

However, in 2017, news broke that Drew had committed adultery. He had slept with Amanda Thomas, a woman he’d met on the road. What’s even more surprising about the whole situation is that Amanda was also married at the time.

Once she uncovered the affair, Rebecca filed for divorce. Amanda’s husband took a different approach; he went to the pub Drew was known to frequent and gave him a memorable beating.

Rebecca took the high road after their separation, accepting that she and her ex-husband would have to maintain a good relationship.

This is because the two of them were business partners, but they were also parents. They had a son whom they needed to co-parent. Additionally, there was even a family pet, a dog, in the picture.

Full name Rebecca Pritchard
Age 63 years old.
Date of Birth February 19th, 1958
Place of Birth United Kingdom
Profession Former Tv personality, Restoration Expert, and Property developer
Net worth $2.5 million
Partner Drew Pritchard (ex-husband)
Kids 1
Nationality British
Ethnicity Caucasian
Zodiac Sign Aquarius

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