Pawn Stars Death: Who Have we Lost?

Pawn Stars is a reality show that mostly focuses on the work done at the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop. This is a family-run company that is owned by the Harrisons. The shop not only sells but also acquires items of great historical value. Pawn Stars first premièred back in 2009 on the History Channel.

For over 577 episodes, fans got to watch and fall in love with tv personalities like Chumlee, Richard, and Rick Harrison. A few years ago, news broke that one of the stars on Pawn Stars had died. Who did they lose?

Richard Benjamin Harrison.

On the 25th of June 2018, Richard’s family members revealed that he had passed away that morning. His death came after a long and drawn-out fight with Parkinson’s disease.

This is a progressive brain disorder that completely shatters a person’s mobility. It not only hinders their ability to move properly but can even diminish one’s ability to communicate effectively.

Reality television personality, 'The Old Man' Richard Harrison
The late American businessman and reality television personality, ‘The Old Man’ Richard Harrison

Richard died aged 77-years old, surrounded by his loving family members.  His son confirmed the news in a tribute post he made on Instagram.

Richard’s son proclaimed that his old man will be fondly remembered by friends, family, and fans across the world. He added that he’d always treasure the years he had spent with his father. Moreover, the old man was even Rick’s hero as he strived to help everyone he could.

What happened after Richard’s passing.

Outside Richard’s inner circle, family, and close friends, no one was aware that he was dealing with Parkinson’s.

As such, his passing came as a shock to most people. One of the few people who were aware of the condition was his co-star and close friend, Chumlee. He revealed that in the weeks leading up to his passing, he went to see Richard as often as he could. Chumlee wanted to spend as much time as he could with his friend before he died.

Richard was survived by a wife named Joanne, and three other sons. Interestingly, only two sons benefited from the will he had left behind. Sources say that he purposely chose to leave out his son Christopher from his estate. This amendment was made to his will a year before Richard’s death, which would suggest a falling out between the pair.

American businessman and reality television personality, Richard Benjamin Harrison with his wife
The late Richard Benjamin Harrison with his wife JoAnne Rhue Harrison

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