What Happened to Chumlee on Pawn Stars?

Chumlee is the pinball and sneakers expert on Pawn Stars, a reality TV show based on the operations of Gold & Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas. He has been part of the show ever since it first aired. His relationship with the pawnshop’s owners dates back to his childhood days. Chumlee has been buddies with Corey Harrison, the son of the pawnshop’s owner Rick Harrison. Everything was smooth sailing for his career as the show gained popularity and his earnings as a TV star skyrocketed. However, in 2016 he got into some trouble with the law. Let’s find out why Chumlee was arrested.

Why was Chumlee Arrested?

The police raided Chumlee’s house in connection to an investigation for sexual assault on March 9, 2016. A woman accused the TV star of sexual assault, so the police raided his home as part of the investigation. Coincidentally, the police found various illegal substances such as Xanax, marijuana, and a rolled-up dollar bill with white powder that appeared to be cocaine. There were also several drug paraphernalia scattered all over the place. Authorities also found firearms inside the home of Chumlee. The police arrested him on the spot.

Did He Plead Guilty?

Chumlee pleaded guilty to 20 counts of felony charges that included firearms and drug charges. His lawyer aimed to lower his sentence through his guilty plea. Chumlee made his first court appearance on March 11, 2016. The TV star was sentenced to three years of probation as well as counseling.

Is He Still on Pawn Stars?

Chumlee is still a part of Pawn Stars as of 2021. He has cleared his past legal battles and already finished his probation in 2019. Pawn Stars returned for its latest season on March 22, 2021, and Chumlee was very much a part of it.

Image of Chumlee on Pawn Stars
Chumlee on History Channel television show Pawn Stars.

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