Paul Laidlaw Wikipedia: Wife Maureen Laidlaw, Age, Net Worth

TV personality Paul Laidlaw is an antiquarian specialist from Carlisle, a city between Scotland and Lake District. He is famed for being a family man. But more than that, Laidlaw is most recognizable for his appearance on BBC’s different programs.

Laidlaw was Edinburgh born and grew up in the place ever since, and there, he spent most of his childhood years there.

According to himself, when he’s not roaming around looking and appraising antiquities, he spends most of his time in his kitchen. In light of this, Laidlaw views himself as a keen ‘foodie.’

During his early years of studying, Laidlaw, at first, pursued science. But it was his love of travel that put him into his current career. Before turning into an antiquities expert, he was a naive undergrad of astrophysics. And for all the wrong reasons at that. Laidlaw’s pursuit of science was cause by Metallica and other bands of similar nature, talk about weird reasons.

Paul Laidlaw Wikipedia

Going back in 2006, Laidlaw started appearing on shows that involve antiquities. Those shows include Antiques Roadshow and Bargain Hunt. During that time, he was also working for the auction rooms of H&H.

Laidlaw built up quite the reputation for hosting the foregoing shows, every episode he puts on display his extensive knowledge of antiquities and the likes.

As a result, many other shows wanted Laidlaw’s talents. Offers started pouring in, most notably, one from Celebrity Antiques Roadtrip. The mentioned show is basically another version of Antiques Roadtrip, but with a celebrity.

Paul Laidlaw is Married to His Wife Maureen

“Is he married?” Yes, Paul Laidlaw got married to his longtime girlfriend, now wife, Maureen Laidlaw. Paul and Maureen first met at a project that both were working for, a platonic friendship-turned-romantic.

Maureen is currently around the age of 60s, she is speculated to have originated from the United Kingdom. There isn’t much known about her or their kids.

The duo currently parents twin sons and a daughter. On the forefront is a TV star, but when the cameras are off, he’s a faithful family man. According to sources, besides eating, Laidlaw spends most of his time with his kids off-camera.

Paul Laidlaw's wife Maureen Laidlaw
Scottish auctioneer, Paul Laidlaw’s wife Maureen Laidlaw.

Net Worth

After years of working on the tv screen as an antiquities expert, it should be of no shock that Laidlaw has garnered quite the bank. As of July 2021, Laidlaw has an estimated net worth of 2M USD.

More than a TV star, his income seems to have come from his auctioning firm situated in Carlisle, Cumbria. The said firm has to be running since 2014.

Age & DOB

Laidlaw, as of July 2021, is approaching his mid-50s. Born in July 1967, though there is no exact date, Laidlaw is estimated to be around 55 years old. An Edinburgh native, he grew past his adolescent years over there.

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