Is Natasha Raskin Sharp Still Married to Joe Sharp?

Natasha Raskin Sharp was born on June 15, 1986, in Glasgow, Scotland. She is a Scottish television presenter, an expert in antiques and art, primarily contemporary Scottish art. Her art sense should be no surprise, as she is the daughter of Philip Raskin, a renowned contemporary Scottish artist.

Sharp rose to fame through her appearances on the tv screen. She has appeared in British and American shows, including Vintage road trips, Vintage celebrity road trips – spanking them! , Negotiation, Value for money, and Baggage wars.

But away from the lights and the cameras, Natasha and her husband enjoy their blissful marriage life in Glasgow.

Natasha in Bargain Hunt

Before her rise to fame, Sharp was initially taking up law before dropping out of university a year later. After leaving university, Sharp took different jobs and a series of roles. In one instance, she worked for Barack Obama ahead of the 2008 Election.

After bouncing around for a few years, Sharp decided to make a leap and joined an auction house. Before Antiques Roadtrip, Sharp also used to direct and produce credits for The Great Hotel Escape and The Big Painting Challenge.

Sharp nabbed an internship at McTear’s auction house situated in her hometown, Glasgow. From thereon, She slowly worked her way up, come 2013, Sharp entered the world of antiquing TV as a presenter for Bargain Hunt.

According to the Scottish-TV personality,

I was gently nudged in the direction of the antique trade and auction houses by my dad, who thought that I’d be well-suited to the environment. Although I’d never normally admitted it, he was absolutely right!

After her stint in Bargain Hunt, naturally, other big shows came calling. Shows such as Flog It!, For What It’s Worth, and, of course, Antiques Roadtrip, amongst others, took an interest in Sharp’s service.

Natasha is Still Married

Sharp has been happily married to Joe Sharp for five long years now. The couple first met behind the scenes of the BBC daytime show that Joe helmed as a producer-slash-director. They finally tied the knot in 2016 in a small ceremony in Scotland.

When not in front or behind cameras, the couple makes most of their leisure time. In an interview, Sharp said:

My partner and I are guilty of eating out too much – Glasgow has so many great restaurants, too much of my spa.

Natasha Raskin Sharp Wedding Photos

The married couple currently resides in Glasgow, Sharp’s hometown, close to her parents, Barbara and Philip Raskin.

Though there were quite a few malicious rumors about the couple’s marriage, namely a divorce, the photos of the wedded pair immediately debunked such news. For the record, they still are, up to date, happily married.


Despite being married for five long years now, Natasha and Joe have still yet to have a child. There have been no reports or information on whether the couple is expecting one or planning to have one in the future.

Who is Natasha Raskin Sharp’s Husband Joe Sharp?

You may be wondering, with a woman as beautiful and successful as Natasha, how did Joe manage to make her fall for him.

Well, for starters, Joe is an award-winning Scottish director and producer. He, as previously mentioned before, loves eating out, per Natasha. Before striking up a romance, they were workmates that slowly progressed into being one.

Besides those, there isn’t much known about Joe. But I’m sure, news of them having a child,  in one way or another, will be publicly spoken about in the future.

Antique expert, Natasha Raskin with her husband
Scottish television presenter and antique expert, Natasha Raskin with husband Joe Sharp.

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