Is Drew Pritchard married to a new wife after divorce?

Drew Pritchard is a British Tv personality who works on the Salvage Hunters franchise. Consequently, he has featured on sequels like Classic Cars, Best Buys, and The Restorers.

His knack for locating gems amongst discarded junk birthed the nickname, ‘The Junkyard Genius.’ Pritchard reportedly spent £15,000 on an armchair designed in the 1800s and a 19th-century card table.

Moving away from his unyielding quest to find good antiques, we learned that Drew has also published a book titled ‘Man with a Van.’Does he have a new wife after his divorcing his first? Here’s what we know.

Drew Pritchard was Married to his first wife, Rebecca Pritchard.

Drew’s first wife was fellow reality Tv personality and property developer Rebecca Jane Pritchard. Sources say that Rebecca operated along the rural area of Northern Wales.

Moreover, she was also the proprietor of a campsite which she frequently rented out to people on holiday. She was born back in Feb 1958 in the United Kingdom, meaning that she’s presently 63-years old.

At the inception of Rebecca’s career, she served as a fashion and retail consultant, working with companies in her home country and Hong Kong. She spent nearly two decades in this field, and it was during this phase of her life that she’d first meet Drew.

This was sometime back in the early 2000s.

A shared love for junkyards and antiques meant that their relationship blossomed quickly. They tied the knot soon after, though the exact date of their wedding remains under review.

Drew and Rebecca’s relationship evolved as they started to work together on reality television. Drew and his first wife were made for an effective pair.

He’d go out searching for antiques, which Rebecca would then analyze the items and determine their value. Other than that, Drew and Rebecca also have a son together.

Salvage Hunters star, Drew Pritchard with his first wife
Salvage Hunters star Drew Pritchard with his first wife. Rebecca Jane Pritchard

Why did Drew Pritchard divorce his first wife?

Drew and Rebecca Pritchard finalized their divorce proceedings in 2017. However, the writing had been on the wall since 2016, when Rebecca stopped appearing on Salvage Hunters.

So, why did Drew Pritchard divorce his first wife? Well, several sources say that their marriage ended due to infidelity on Drew’s part.

He was reportedly involved with a married woman named Amanda Thomas. The affair was more or less confirmed after Amanda’s disgruntled husband hunted down and attacked Drew Pritchard outside a local pub.

Janus Thomas was consequently charged for the assault, though his lawyers claimed Drew had provoked him. For his part in the scuffle, Drew was put on Pub watch.

The affair happened back in 2015, implying that Drew and Amanda must have kept it hidden for over two years.

After he and Rebecca were separated, they put up their 18th century home for sale. The 13th-acre property is reportedly worth £795,000.

Drew and Rebecca found a way to stay on good terms despite the infidelity allegations. They did this for the sake of their son and the antique business they both own. Moreover, the two also share custody of their dog Enzo.

Is Drew Pritchard married to a new wife?

As far as we can tell, Drew Pritchard hasn’t remarried since splitting up with his first wife, Rebecca.

There isn’t any information to support the conclusion that he’s even dating at this point. Most of his posts on Instagram, for instance, revolve around his love for antique collections.

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