How Old is Angela Rippon? Husband & Married Life

Angela May Rippon is 76 years old, healthy, and can still perform splits on her age. She started her career as a journalist on an English television station. After that, she made her debut appearance on BBC One’s nine o’clock news as the first woman journalist ever to appear on national television and the next to Barbara Mandell, the First female presenter on British Television.

His Husband, Christopher Dare, is an engineer from the UK. He finished Engineering but is unsure of the area he works with. Christopher’s life is not broadcasted through the internet and news the day after they divorced.

Christopher’s net worth isn’t mentioned on the internet. But the degree he chooses and his profession might be enough for him. Because of his absence from the internet and the media, Christopher Dare’s life has not been in public since the divorce from his previous partner. Due to being a private person, Christopher doesn’t share or allow his personal life to the media. We are unsure if he has a child.

At the age of 17, Angela met Christopher Dare at the YMCA dance. Despite being professional and hiding her feelings away, Angela married Christopher at the age of 22. On the other hand, their marriage didn’t last long, and they got divorced in 1989.

They did not reveal the cause of their divorce for privacy concerns of them both. There are “some” difficulties between them, which are also undisclosed to the public, which she stated. Also, according to Angela Rippon’s interview, there have been numerous rumors about Angela’s affair with Mark Phillips, which are false and all part of a smear campaign to bring her down.   

Angela Rippon as a Host of Antiques Roadshow

The premiere episode of Antiques Roadshow aired on February 18, 1979, and featured visitors bringing antique antiques to be sold. Bruce Parker, Angela Rippon, Hugh Scully, Michael Aspel, and Fiona Bruce have been the show’s hosts for over four decades. Despite her demanding schedule on the nine o’clock news, Angela says she keeps her mind occupied by watching shows like Antiques Roadshow.

After graduating from school at the age of 17, Angela joined the photographic office called the western morning news; several years pass. To put things in context, she works on the BBC Local Radio and Westward Radio as an editor. She also said that when you are an autocue reader and got a half-brain to spare, you might also keep mind watching shows like Antiques Roadshow.

Angela Rippon is 76 Years Old

Her parents brought her to the world on October 12, 1944, in Plymouth, Devon, England. She is now turning 77 this coming October, solid and healthy. Though her life has been on a roller coaster for some time due to her divorced from her husband, she managed to look for opportunities such as hosting different shows and news.

Is She Married to Her Husband?

They got together and married but didn’t bear a child. Until then, she focused more on hosting radio channels but still thinks about her Husband sometimes. They spent the most beautiful 22 years of their life with each other, but unfortunately, they couldn’t produce offspring.

Image of Angela Rippon with husband Chris Dare
English television journalist, Angela Rippon with husband Chris Dare.

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