Who is Anita Manning Husband? Her Age, Hairstyle

Anita Manning is well-known for her advice regarding antiques. So some people asked about who might be her husband?. That question can’t be answered by the netizens nor the public media.

Sources made it hard to tell about the actual name of her husband. All they know is what reporters and the internet talk about. Anita kept her relationship hidden for as long as no one would know. Because of that, it is hard to find information about her private life. All we know is her son’s name, which is Luke, and her daughter Lala. And for all that information, we could only speculate and hope that she enjoys her life either way.

Anita first saw the light of day on the first of December 1947 at Glasgow, Scotland. She is currently aged 73 years old and just celebrated her birthday a few months ago. Anita has a very popular face in the Antiques Road trip as well on the Bargain Hunt. Besides, her Glaswegian accent and hair make her very adorable and appealing in front of the audience.

Who is Anita Manning?

Anita was brought to this world by her parents on December 1, 1947. She is a Scottish antique expert and a TV personality from Glasgow, Scotland. On BBC‘s Bargain Hunt, Flog It!, her appearance on that particular show makes her famous. She is the first female auctioneer in Scotland.

Anita’s parents own an antique shop, so likely, the job of her parents influenced her to be an expert. She intended to be a teacher as soon as she got her degree in physical education, which focuses on dancing. Soon after, she got married and bore offspring. With her motherly instinct, she thought of investing and buying antique furniture from auctions.

Few years passed, and Anita moved to Australia, while her daughter, Lala, and Luke also moved to Hong kong. Lala helped her mother with their business, and she soon became a co-founder of the Great Western Auction. Garnering her the title of the first Female auctioneer in Scotland. However, she has been away from her daughter, who is now in Hong Kong. That time, she held a record for purchasing a £50 buddha statue and selling it for a price of £3,800.

Anita Manning’s Husband

Currently, Anita is a married mother of two. It is said that she doesn’t talk about her marriage for privacy. Keeping her husband’s name for her concern makes her a very private person. Because of this, it is known that they share two children, namely Luke and Lala.

Anita manning with her husband
Scottish antique expert and television personality, Anita Manning with her husband.

Hairstyle and Fashion Sense

Her hairstyle talks about her appearance on her shows. Anita’s fluffy and layered hair gives positive vibes to the audience’s eyes. She has good taste in fashion and takes a lot of confidence to wear such clothes. Her hair appears to be very dark despite her age, making her outfit more in-trend than the others.


Anita Manning appears to be 5ft 7inch, so many netizens talk about her being short in TV shows. Compare to Eric Knowles co-star, 6ft 1inch and Charlie Moss, who is also a 6foot tall man. Anita will be shorter than the two of these men. Natasha Raskin Sharp and Christina Trevanion appeared to be 5ft 5inch, which makes Anita taller.

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